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Step 30: Final Walk-Punchlist

Now that the home is complete,  you get a chance to walk thru the house with your Superintendent to make sure that everything is just right before you move in.  You also get to  learn about all of the features and functions of your new Adair Home.


Step 29: Plumbing Trim

Time to install sinks and faucets.

Step 28: Electrical Trim

It’s time to install the light fixtures and socket covers.

Step 27: Baseboard & Trim

Now that the flooring is down, we install the trim around the doors, windows and of course the baseboard along the walls.


Step 26: Flooring

Here you can see the hardwood flooring in the dining room and carpet in the living room.

Step 25: Hard Surfaces

Now that the cabinets are in place, it’s time for the countertops.

Step 24: Cabinetry

Now that our truck is unloaded, it’s time to start setting the cabinets in place.

Step 23: Finish Pack

Many customers often ask,”how do you build such a great house at such a great price?”  Well, here is one of the reasons.  We buy all of our materials in bulk and then we package them at our warehouse in Vancouver, Wa.  Then we ship the materials to the jobsite in a trailer just like the one you see here.

After we unload the truck, we begin the “finish pack.”  That includes all of your cabinets, trim, flooring, lights, plumbing and hardware.  Here you can see it stacked in the garage as well as the newly poured driveway

Step 22: Paint

Now that the sheetrock is complete,  it’s time to paint the house.  We stop the construction at this point to make sure that you can paint without having to worry about getting paint on any of the flooring, cabinets, etc.

Step 21: Tape & Texture

Now the sheetrock gets the seams sealed and a layer of texture is applied to give it a finished look.